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Monday, July 24, 2006


I left Gail and Laura in Glasgow to do some holiday shopping for clothes and jumped on the train through to Edinburgh. I was back by 11.30am and headed straight to the house, changed into my work gear and left for the office via the travel company for cheques and cash. There is too much to do and the constant beating sun is not making my tasks any easier. I have got to get stuff for the animals when we are away and of course I've still to pack!

The signs and tents are going up all over town indicating the imminence of the Fringe and outside the Assembly Rooms are various lorries containing scaffolding and stage equipment for transforming the venue into one of the main places to entertain the crowds were parked. There is an excitment draping over the city - I can feel it.

By the time I got home after work I was sweltering and just had to change into my shorts and vest and down a large ice-cold coke. My head has been taking a beating (I'll need to get a good hat for the holiday) and I really feel the sun after just a few minutes sitting under it. Nevertheless, baldies do it better!

I'm trying to get everything fulfilled before I go, so if anyone is waiting for a response to any emails sent over the last week or so, please bear with me. I'm doing my best to tick all the boxes before we leave.

I sold two copies of Fringe Fantastic direct through the publisher, so maybe some of my leafleting is paying off already now that the tourists are beginning to fill the streets again. Fingers crossed August is a good month on the financial front.

I had to try on all my new clothes and the ones I already have for the holiday. I hate that. It's almost as bad as actually shopping for them. Gail has said she will pack so long as I have everything looked out that I am taking.

It's bedlam in the house. Just bedlam.
Colin 3:10 pm


Heh heh, I know that feeling of bedlam!


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