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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Staying Cool

Another rejection arrived this morning. I wasn't expecting anything else from this particular London-based agency. They handle some pretty big (Scottish) authors so I knew I was chancing it. They said, "We have a very large portfolio and so have to be extremely selective with the people we work with. We are not confident we would be able to place this piece with a publisher."

Bollocks to that! I'll just have to find someone who will.


Got through some more chapters of AFTDF. I made some fantastic continuity belters in the first draft. It's almost as if I couldn't decide while writing, who knew each other at the start of the story and who didn't. While it is by far the most complicated thing I've written to date (1 protaganist, 3 supporting characters and 4 pov's) these are still basic errors, which I'm happy to say, I'm fixing easily.

Why so complicated? Because it's a modern-day whodunnit. One murder, four suspects, and a twist in the tale that will leave your guts wrenching in wonder and amazement.

Work absolutely dragged in today. The heat coupled with the feeling of abject misery that goes with working here means that when you look out the window at the world, you feel so very detached. I know I could do worse as far as a well-paid job with perks goes, but my GOD it is hellish in here. Everyone is so deflated, lacking in motivation and desire to do anything except look for somewhere challenging. That's the problem. This job isn't challenging any more. I don't feel I am contributing to anything worthwhile.

I fixed my PC. I had to free up the hard drive and mess about with the start-up options but I got it running again. It's still running with an edgy performance though, that only a suitable upgrade will fix long-term.

I've stalled with Catch-22 lately. Not because it is a challenging read (I was enjoying it), but because I've struggled to find the time. With this heat, too, that last thing I want to do is lie in bed reading. It's just too much as I put my head on the pillow every night and try to get to sleep before the profuse sweating begins. I'll probably take it on holiday and ditch one of the others. Cervantes maybe, but I really want to read that so I'll have to see.

Amber Vitzia posted a message after yesterday's entry about something called a Comfort Hat. At first I thought it might be a clever spammer trying to cash in on the heat wave, but when I checked it out I found out that it could be the idea of the century. Go take a look for yourself. Little packs of iced gel tucked into a cap to keep your head cool. I may have to invest in The Comfort Hat. Thanks Amber!

Tomorrow is to be the hottest day of the year. The MET Office are issuing warnings because roads have been melting and train tracks buckling. they are worried that OAP's might start dropping with heat exhaustion. It's unreal. We were hotter here in Edinburgh today than it was in Barbados!

Can't wait to get to Cyprus so I can cool down.
Colin 11:17 am


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