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Friday, July 14, 2006

Life Is Good

Has there ever been a better start to a Friday? I think not. Here's what happened.

I got up and had the most awesome shave of my head and shower. I felt cleansed, pure and magical after my baldy napper had been scraped and cleaned. Then followed a super-hot cup of coffee with two toasted slices of Scottish plain bread, eaten in the glorious morning sunshine of my back garden, while talking to Milly, Mopsy and Pippin. Simply magnificent.

As I left the house for work in said sunny climes, I could hear Gail singing and The Commitments blaring half way down the street. It's a cliche, I know, but when Gail is happy, I am over the moon.

I stopped in and bought jammy donuts and a cappuccino on my way to the office. I was everyone's best pal for ten minutes.

But the creme de la creme, the icing on the cake, the orgasm after the Olympic session, the head on the ice-cold beer, was this ~

I received my first partial request from one of the top three small publishers I pitched Stella to. I know I shouldn't get carried away, but of all the first round submissions I made, these guys were in my top three most wanted, so this is fantastic news.

They sent me a whole lot of information regarding their credentials and their approach to handling new authors. It is very exciting but it also means I really need to apply the final edits to the manuscript in quick march time. I'm off to South Shields overnight tonight to see a friend, then I'll have the rest of the weekend and I'll give myself Monday if I need it. Tuesday is as long as I can give myself before sending the partial off at the very latest.

Exciting times and great things are afoot!

I celebrated in South Shields with my mate, Craig. I finished off the short story on thr train down, that I began writing yesterday in my notebook. I have a name for it, too. It's called Wide Awake.

Craig's not been himself of late so I went to cheer him up. We sank beers and we talked on the coast of Northern England, looking out at the flat calm of the North Sea as it advances towards the edge of the Earth.

Life is good.
Colin 11:22 am


So what else did you get up to in South Shields then? Don't you agree it's the absolute Nirvana of Geordieland?

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