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Friday, July 21, 2006


Quite tired when I rose today, though I am getting into a regular pattern of early starts, they do tend to catch up after a while. No sun shining through the curtains this morning either, which probably had something to do with it. It was an overcast but warm start to the day. The decision of whether to wear a light jacket or not was a tough one.

Work was slow, as it normally is on a Friday. A lot of people are on their summer holidays and so there is even less work coming through than normal. Add an overheated office into the equation and it made for a manky few hours at my desk. Despite several walkabouts and trips to the coffee machine, there was nothing I could do to lift myself out of it.

Also on my mind was the surprise 60th birthday party tonight for Ian, my father-in-law. Gail started organising this a while back and sent out a load of invites to people. I was to meet Craig and Mikey in their hotel bar before heading down to the Fireman's Social Club on MacDonald Road at 5pm, which kept me out of the way but also meant I could get a few drinks in first. Gail's last words to me before I left the house; "You'd better not act the goat tonight, or POW!"

Hmmm. Hot Friday afternoon after day sitting in thirsty office bored out my tits = longing desire to pour beer down my throat.

I got through several chapters of AFTDF over lunch. Some of the writing is really bad and rushed. I remember writing it. I think my plan was to get anything down as fast as possible, which is sometimes a good idea, but I didn’t have a clue where it was going and what structure to follow. It needs a LOT of work on it.

At the moment I am straightening out all the large kinks, bringing it all into line continuity-wise, and using this process to get to know the characters and story again before writing the rest of the book.

After work I rushed home and got ready for the big party. I met my mate for a few drinks before hand then made our way to the party. Ian arrived just after 8pm to a huge roar and the DJ kicked in with all the usual 'family occasion' hits. He didn't know what hit him when he walked into the club and all his friends and family were gathered to greet him.

I met up with a lot of Gail's extended family - always interesting - and everyone looked as though they enjoyed a great night out. The part continued back at our house when a few people came back and I eventually caved at about 4am (7am for Gail!!). It was a good night. I tried not to "act the goat" too much, but as ever, I'm never quite sure where the line is so, I may have stepped over it several times, quite by accident you understand.
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