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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Alaskan Dreams

** Disgusting story warning **

It reached about 25 deg C (73 deg far) today and tomorrow is supposed to top that. It is so hot it is unbearable. Last night I woke up and despite lying in bed as nature intended with no covers and the windows open, I almost drowned in the sweat that had gathered in large pools on my pillow. I was drenched in it. Someone might as well have been pouring a bucket of water over me as I slept.

** Disgusting story warning ends **

I spent most of the day in the back garden. The animals joined me in the sun as I cut the lawn, trimmed the hedges and turned and weeded the soil. I gave the place a good watering as well. The rabbits seemed to enjoy it every time the hose went in their direction so I gave them a few splashes. You should have seen them leaping around and their fur go all spikey. They looked like a pair of Gremlins after it.

I came up with a fantastic idea for a novel to write for NaNoWriMo in November. It came to me much more easily and with more "what if's" than the sequel to Hunting Jack has provided thus far, which makes me think it would be worth following the natural course first until the sequel releases itself in my head more easily.

Gail made a Curry for dinner, which I was just ready for when it came. Chicken Tikka Masala with poppadoms: mmmmmm! After eating, I popped out back to check on the bunnies and found a cat circling their run, hissing and behaving in a most threatening manner. Probably the same cat that has been depositing crap all over my garden recently.

Mopsy and Pippin were terrified, crouching as tightly together as they could at the back of the run. I chased the cat off and took them inside. Mopsy stretched out on my lap and watched Ant and Dec on TV. She was fine. Poor Pippin seemed to have got the worse fright, though. She was shaking like a leaf for quite a while and was not her normal self. She was happy just to be cuddled for a while until she got over the shock.

Poor wee soul.

Once the sun lowered and the temperature began to drop a bit, I began work on the Stella edits. I got through 70% but there are some chunks which involve more than just swapping or removing a few words. Some of the passages need more in-depth and detailed surgery to be performed. I will get them complete by end of tomorrow at the latest and send them off.

This heat isn't helping though. The house just seems to retain warmth no matter how many windows are open or curtains drawn. My aquarium water is up to 28 degrees and my office far too warm to work in. And it's too hot outside until the evening. Nightmare stuff, but what can one do? I wonder what the property market in Alaska is like.
Colin 1:29 pm


I know you're in the UK and all and most homes don't have them, but, with global warming and rising temperatures, consider investing in air conditioning. You'll be glad you did.
Awwwwwwwwwwwww! These rabbits are absolutely adorable.

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