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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Coffee with Dad

It was really hot today. Not the sort of day to be wandering around the country. Like me. Idiot.

I had my final check-up at the Eye Clinic in Glasgow at 3 o'clock so I left work at half past twelve and went through on an earlier train. An idea that had been brewing in my mind since my Blackpool trip, came to the boil and started spilling out into my notebook. I got about 700 words of it down during the 45 minute journey.

I met my dad at Queen Street and we popped into the John Lewis centre for a coffee and cake. We had a nice wee chat and it was good to be relaxing in Glasgow on a sunny afternoon. We don't get to spend much time together just the two of us, so I enjoyed our half hour together. I should really get the old boy back out on the river Gryffe to fish for some trout like we used to.

We said our goodbye's and I went to my 3pm appointment. By twenty past I was done and by half past I was back on the train to Edinburgh and writing more on the new story.

The train was delayed on the way back. I never actually noticed such was my concentration, but the journey took an hour and five minutes. This meant I was able to write a further 1400 words. Nice.

Back home I penned and emailed the lady in charge of the B&B I am hoping to be able to use as an outlet for Fringe Fantastic. There's also a wee independent bookshop that's not long opened on Leith Walk, who specialise in quality music and literature. They also buy collections from people in both mediums. I think they would be an excellent outlet to begin working with and I am going to contact the owner with a view to this.

It's also time to start dishing out more leaflets. I've started putting together a new design for the Fringe festival leaflets, with quotes and other flashy information on it. It has to be appealing and it has to be interesting. It has to say, "BUY ME!"

I only got through a chapter of AFTDF. I think I am going to work on it more in the mornings and over lunch, then for the next few evenings I can concentrate on my edits for Stella. If a request for the manuscript were to come in I would only want to send a revised copy and not one that is still in pre-crit.

As I'm in a great mood, here's a picture of my bunnies on the couch (Mopsy left, Pippin right):

Colin 11:43 am


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