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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Been a busy few days again. So busy, I never really had the time to blog, but such is life.

On Sunday my folks came through to visit. After my dad slept off half a lager in the living room for a couple of hours, we had a BBQ out in the back garden in the late afternoon sun. Most pleasant, although I was reeking from charcoal smoke by the end of it. All the usual stuff was devoured; sausages, burgers etc. but we also had chicken in garlic and herbs and Gail made up some lovely kebabs (the healthy option) with peppers, onion and chicken in a fajita sauce. Drool, drool!

I was off work Monday through to Wednesday, and spent half my time in Gail's office fixing their I.T. problems. My skills and talents know no bounds though I was only paid in coffee. Actually, it was fun to be working with Gail again in the same office. That's how we met you know; I wooed her over the fax machine and chatted her up with post-it notes stuck to her monitor. Three months of chasing and I finally bagged my girl. That was six years ago in December. Time Flies eh?

I'm making good headway into Catch-22. Still not sure where it's going but I'm getting used to the writing and the humour. It may have taken me longer to adjust to it having just read The Outsider, but while it still is not making total sense (yet), it is fun to read.

I've been preparing my July column for The Scruffy Dog Review. It has a more summer theme and is very current. I've also been writing up my critique for my friend's manuscript. It's growing longer by the day but I want to make sure I get across all my thoughts and don't miss anything out. I took loads of notes on the manuscript while reading it and I'm now transferring these into the crit. It's a book that deserves to do well because it hasn't left my mind since I put it down. As such, it deserves my best reaction and effort.

Couldn't be arsed with snooker come the evening but I still managed to win 5-3, despite me wearing my glasses and not my lenses. I've been detoxing myself, too, staying clear of the booze for the month after May, which was quite a hectic one. July is setting up to be a cracker, though, despite it meaning the first half of the year will be over and done with!

Where has all the time gone?
Colin 11:42 am


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