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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Don't Mess With Mr.Sun

I am starting to yearn for a cold snap, some rain even, or a little bit of a cool breeze. It's getting beyond a joke. Today, again, it was well into the seventies. I attended Laura's School Sport's Day, which was fun. I met a few pals there and Gail recalled her own school days as she went to the same school.

In that one and a half hours spent on the open grass playing field, I managed to burn myself. My head, face, shoulders and arms all got in the way of the sun and it's rays. As I hadn't had time to splash on any protection, I knew I was in trouble before I even got back home.

My head started to get tight and a headache came on quite drastically. By the time evening came, my skin temperature had risen to 103 degrees Fahrenheit and I was feeling quite sick. I retired early to bed covered - and I mean covered in after-sun lotion.

Most of you are probably cringing at the thought of all this, but to lighten the mood here's a picture taken notlong after the effects had taken hold. Try not to laugh too much. I do have feelings you know.

Or at least, I will do once the nerve endings grow back again.

Colin 9:30 pm


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