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Friday, May 26, 2006

Another Fine Man Down

Stand back, grip the wall and prepare for some incredible news - I got up at 6.30am!!

I know, I know. Remarkable, given my rising times of late. I seem to come and go in cycles. After a batch of late starts, I click into early mode and as soon as my eyes open, that's it. Awake. Problem is this often coincides with a bout of insomnia, which I seem to be prone to. I think it could be related to my writing life - all that I am achieving and working on makes my brain fit and tight and healthy, just like an Olympian Chess player's might be.

Apologies for that last paragraph. Pile of pish.

Here's a joke to lighten the mood.

By lunch my mood had dampened somewhat when news came through of the death of Desmond Dekker, the reggae legend responsible for classic reggae hits like The Israelites, It Mek, You Can Get It If You Really Want, King Of Ska, 007 and Pretty Africa. He can also be credited for influencing, among others, Madness.

Desmond played a pivotal role in bringing Jamaican Ska into popular music from the mid 60's to the late 70's. Sadly, he was about to embark on a European tour which would have brought him to Scotland in August. He may be gone, but his music will live forever.

One of his tracks is on my radio to the left of this page. It's called It Mek, a pleasant reggae classic, ideal for cutting your Dekker teeth if you haven't done so already. So turn up your volume and listen to the man.

Rest in peace, Desmond. Today Britain unites with Jamaica and mourns your loss, but we are all thankful for what you gave us.

Didn't get any work done today at all. When I got home I had to clean the rabbit hutch. There was no way they could make it through the weekend. And I clipped Milly's nails again now that they have receded sufficiently. She's much better when you do it alone with her rather than with everyone gathering around putting pressure on her. There was still the awkwardness but she got through it without excavating all over me so progress is being made.

Then I got my gear ready for tomorrow. Twelve cans of Tennents for the train (for 3 of us!), a toothbrush and my mobile charger. Anything else I've missed? Don't think so - it is a Stag party after all.

Colin 10:41 pm


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