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Friday, June 09, 2006

Security Is Paramount

One look in the mirror this morning confirmed the worst news. My head is going to blister and peel away like dry paint off a dyke. I can try and put off the inevitable by using after-sun and moisturisers continually, but I think it is now so bad, it will happen whether I try to prevent it or not.

To make matters doubly worse (what can be worse than having a burnt head and a future of skin falling off as a result?), when I went to make breakfast, there was no coffee left!
My worst nightmare had now come to fruition.

My nightmares were nothing compared to the couple in the house opposite me. While I was tending to the house - cleaning, polishing, hoovering inside and out, the doorbell rang. I answered to see a medium-sized, dark-haired young policeman standing on my doorstep.

"Don't panic mate," he said immediately. "Not yet, anyway."


"How can I help?" I offered my assistance to the boy in blue.

He went on to explain how the young couple opposite had been broken into last night. The burglars had managed to get in through a tiny window and had made off with some electrical equipment and lady of the house's purse, who by the way, is heavily pregnant.

"Did you hear anything last night?"

"Not a thing," I said, which is regrettable seeing as we slept with our upstairs bedroom window open due to the stifling heat. I was out like a light last night what with the effects of over-exposure to the sun and so slept through everything. Gail, like me, heard nothing either when I asked her later on.

And so now the entire street is on tender hooks. Every time a motion activated light comes on curtains twitch and heads pop out of doors.

There's not much more we can do. We've already got substantial systems in place to warn off possible intruders, because you just never know.

Security is paramount these days. Unlike the old days when apparently you were able to leave your door unlocked when you nipped down to the shop for a pint of milk. Great days I'm sure, but I'm not taking any chances. Too many wee blighters about with singular thoughts of where to get their next hit and not caring what they do to other people to get it.
Colin 4:31 pm


Take care of that sunburn, and feel better soon!

Sorry to hear there was a break-in so close!

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