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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Rehashing The Old

I had to go to a meeting in another building this morning. I was running late and never managed to get time for my morning coffee - most annoying. Fate was smiling though, when after the meeting finished I was approaching my office and the fire alarm went off. To avoid having to wait in line with all the drones for the building to be declared safe, I about-turned and went to the coffee shop, where I enjoyed a lovely hot cappuccino in the window and watched the world go by.

I worked more on the new section of Hunting Jack and edited what I had wrote yesterday. As I've said before, it must be seamless but as I am now finding, my writing voice has changed since I first wrote this story, and so it may be more obvious where new prose has been inserted if I am not careful.

Also got my July column for The Scruffy Dog Review underway. Still need something else to cover and I'm hoping to do something with the theatre again. Might even be able to involve Aberdeen somehow seeing as I'll be there this weekend, but it is for a Stag so that's most unlikely.

It's funny, but I am so in the habit of carrying my notebook around with me, no matter where I am or what I'm doing I still write in it if something crops up that I simply must remember. Even if I'm in a pub full of yah-yah's (which happens a lot as this IS Edinburgh), I often sneak off and take notes about a conversation overhead or character who is in the bar.

I made a submission to This Is It magazine, a literary journal I hold fond in my heart as it was the first publication to publish work of mine. Once a Borderer, if you fancy a read. An upcoming issue concerns the theme "apologies" so I sent them Daffodils.

I gave it a read-through before I sent it, the first time I have done so in many months. It's a good story; tense and atmospheric, and it reached the final selection stage with NFG. But I spotted so much wrong with it this time round. I ended up editing it quite substantially and now I like it even more.

I might do that with all my unpublished work depending how I rate it. There are some stories that appeal to me more than others, and these I'll do first.

Here's another joke for you to burst your sides with. Until tomorrow.

Colin 12:16 pm


THANK YOU for "Once a Borderer"!! Here in the States we are just embarking on our Memorial Day Holiday, and being from 'The Birthplace of Memorial Day', this story hit a note.
SORRY about the typo/mispell of your name Colin!! Not enough coffee yet and the fingers are draggggging on the keys!
Delighted you enjoyed it. :-)
Cols this is the first I have looked on your blog for a wee while (sorry!).... and I see you are printing MY jokes!!!!!! Glad to see you like the tasteful e-mails I send you! Binny x

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