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Monday, May 29, 2006

The Morning After

As I write this it is 11:20am on Monday morning. I made it to work, but still feel the weekend's Stag party flowing through my veins. The hangover has still to kick in, suggesting levels of intoxicated blood are still higher, rather than lower.

I'm not going to go into the finer details, suffice to say it was a great weekend. The drinking started at 07:55 on the GNER service from Edinburgh to Aberdeen, and ended late last night at around 22:30. By lunchtime on Saturday merriness was everywhere as I was sitting on the wrong side of four lagers, three Guinness and two vodkas. By the time the light-weights of the group joined us, the rest of us were into the zone of rubber.

Many of Aberdeen's hostelry's were frequented, two of which converted churches still with the original architecture and tainted-windows. Nolon was made to parade Union Street in a gorilla outfit, which was surprisingly life-like, leading to hallucinagenic nightmares for some of us later on in the dark hours. And there was positively no eyebrow shaving or pubic vandalism. Promise.

After a solid day doing it all again yesterday - after the groom left early to get back down the road to Perth (my feelings on that one were aired at the time) - the three remaining stalwarts from Edinburgh; me, Steve and Stuart, decided to continue the party onwards. We drank the train bar dry and headed for The Hebrides bar next to Waverly station, where Scottish music and banter was aplently.

There were various acts throughout the afternoon, but the one that stood out was a man called Andy Chung. The entertainment value went through the roof as he rattled off joke after joke, to-ing and fro-ing with the audience and mixing it all up with some humorous Scottish ditties and classic songs of the Celt. The unanimous opinion was to look him up again soon for another great night.

I got home in the nick of time at around 22:30 just before my kidneys leapt up through my neck and tore out my tongue.

And now this morning I feel the pain. We did what was expected and a little bit more, the price of course being dodgy guts, sore heads and extreme lethargy for the next 24 hours. By rights I should have taken the day off, but I'm off on Thursday because of my monthly get together with Mikey and Craig this Wednesday. Yet more drink, the thought of which doesn't fill me with joy at this juncture, although I'm sure that come the time ---

By lunchtime I was famished, but because of the Bank Holiday nothing was open in the way of decent food shops. I had to resort to the local Esso garage with which to replenish myself. Not the most nutritious but certainly satisfying stodge given the amount of liquid that has passed through my inner-canals over the past two days.

There's not much else to add. Work was more awful than usual, conspiracies breaking galore to keep my spirits down (no pun intended). The afternoon went horribly slow and I left at the usual time for home.

I spent spent the evening lying on my bed, watchnig the TV or reading. It had to be done. But, yes, it was all worth it. A great weekend for my future bro-in-law and a good send-off to his single life. He'll be a good addition to the family, once he learns to handle the morning bevy.

Roll on the wedding day. I cannae wait.

Colin 10:50 pm


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