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Saturday, June 10, 2006

English For A Day

It was hotter than ever today. You would think I'd be getting used to it, but the constant high 70 temperature is fast becoming a pain in the arse, not to mention scalp, arms, legs and face.

I had a different Saturday morning, though the structure was much the same. I headed straight for a cappuccino in St. Andrews Square and sat scribbling into my notepad over a pastry. Then I walked down to Dofos and purchased two bales of hay, a pack of woodcarvings, rabbit muesli and a new outdoor hutch for Milly.

Now that the rabbits are 12 weeks old, last night they were moved into the hutch outside. The new hutch, a smaller one but very cool, is for Milly to live in. Sad as it may sound, I found myself worrying about the rabbits being outside for the first time. I left the outside light on and every time I walked past the kitchen window all I could see was their wee faces looking in at me as if to say, "Why have you stuck us out here? We thought you loved us!"

Getting the new hutch home proved a laugh, walking down the street with it perched on top of my head. Eventually I flagged down a taxi and got home the easy way. Back home I kitted it out and introduced Milly to her new home, next to the rabbits but with her own privacy.

My scalp has tightened right up and has started to bubble. Very soon, I know it will start to peel and I will be left with a new layer of skin.

I've started reading Catch 22 by Joseph Heller. Funny and challenging is the best way to describe the first few chapters I have read so far. It's from my lengthy waiting-to-be-read pile, which I am trying to work well into this year if possible. The Outsider by Albert Camus will take some beating as my Read of the Year. I can tell that book has had a huge influence on me already. I can't seem to get it out of my mind.

I've been writing these past couple of days but it has been a real job to squeeze it in. I've been polishing the house, as you know, for my folks coming to visit tomorrow and despite the tiredness after all my homely duties and doing stuff with Laura, I've managed to keep the ball rolling.

Even while watching England's first game in the World Cup Finals in Germany, did I manage to scribble some lines into my notebook. I may be one of the minority, but as England are the only British team in the Finals, I am supporting them. Scotland is one of the most parochial countries in the world and it is at times like this that the population of this tiny nation shows itself to be terribly narrow-minded and self-obsessed.

I stood for the National Anthem, right hand on heart. I supported them in their 1-0 victory of Paraguay. Being Scottish does not mean you should neglect your Britishness. A true Scostman will hold the values of both close to him but always mindful of the fact of who we are and where we belong.

Come on England!!
Colin 10:05 pm


Catch-22 is a GREAT book. Enjoy!

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