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Friday, June 16, 2006

Oh, So Tired

I was up at dawn today after a solid night's sleep. Once showered and dressed, I drank my coffee outside in the cool early morning freshness, with the rabbits, Mopsy and Pippin, and Milly the Guinea Pig.

It wasn't too bright or warm today as it has been of late, but rather overcast with the tiniest hint of a possible spit of drizzle. It is still very humid under the blanket of cloud though, which makes it very uncomfortable.

Still, it makes a change to hear people complaining about something other than rain.

It was such a long day today. My fault, I know, for getting in to work before the birds were even up. I've got an overnight implementation tomorrow so most of my day today was spent preparing for it. The phone never stopped, which all contributed to making it a busy, hectic shift. I never even made it to the pub for a pint at lunchtime. Feels like ages since I was last there on a Friday.

By the time I got back from work I was shattered. No rest for the wicked though as I got stuck into tidying the house. Gail thinks I'll make a great house-husband one day, but I tell her it's just a phase. It took about an hour and a half to give it the once over so it will be nice for the weekend.

An organised and tidy home makes for the release of more creativity in my mind, I find. If I don't have to worry about where anything is and I know I'm organised behind the scenes, my mind relaxes and the words flow smoother. There's that word again. Smooth. Nice.

I sent the letter off to Warner/Chappell in the hope they will pass it on to Dieter Meyer or Boris Blank. I'll do another scan for some form of contact details for the band, maybe concentrating on fan sites and Mercury, who seem to be involved somehow as well. Every time I do a search though all I get back are links to the Mercury Music Prize, which is of no use to me.

I gave Milly's hutch a clean and then gave her a bath. Guinea Pigs, when wet, suddenly become very skinny, bony and pink. No jokes please. After I bathed her, I wrapped her up in a large towel to keep her warm while she dried. With just her wee nose poking out, she sat comfortably and watched TV with me for a bit while munching on a lettuce leaf. Bless her.

I watched Friday Night with Jonathon Ross. One of his guests, Peter Kay, who is an English stand-up comedian, has to be one of the funniest men alive. Before he came on, the show was entertaining and fun. As soon as he arrived I was roaring my head off with laughter. I even began to worry if my unadulterated laughter would wake Laura sleeping upstairs. There's nothing like laughter to make you feel great, though.

And that was it. Tiredness overcame me and I dragged my weary body upstairs to the land of nod. I couldn't even manage a chapter of Catch-22. I kept nodding off and dropping the book so I just gave up.
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