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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Looking For Mr. Meyer

Back to work. Having been off since the middle of last week I had hoped to get more done, but with everything else that had to be taken care of, I've lapsed into a state of semi-procrastination. I have been working and getting through some writing, but it has been in spurts of time grabbed here and there, and not in any way, satisfying at all. The work has been forced and not smooth. I like it to be smooth. I'm more creative when I feel smooth. Smooth is good.

One of the best moments of my day is when I go out to say good morning to all the animals, check their food and water is sufficient and make sure they are generally comfortable. The early morning calm in the shelter of the garden makes it a nice way to spend 10 minutes with my coffee. I talk to them and they stare, poke their wee noses up to the railing and compete for my attention. They always seem glad to see me and it lifts me immensely before I finally face the inevitable and head off to work.

Today dragged though. I left early to get back for England's second match in Group B of the World Cup, against Trinidad & Tobago. A dull game by standards already set, but it came to an exciting end with ten minutes remaining, when England scored twice to secure victory. That's them guaranteed qualification through to the second round where, if I am right, they could play Equador or Germany. They will have to play much, much better if they are beat either of those teams and proceed any further.

I let the rabbits out the hutch and in the garden for the first time tonight. They went mental, bounding and running all over the place, landing on each other and thumping the ground with excitement. I've supplied a small run to keep them safe (bigger one to come) and they really enjoyed themselves. They will be 13 weeks old on Saturday, so I'm starting to wean them onto greens and other non-pellet food, with which to supplement their diet. Outdoor exercise comes as part of that, too, but until now they have been unable to stomach grass, hence why they were only in their hutch or let loose in the living room until tonight,

I've decided on my three books for taking on holiday this year. Whether I'll actually get time to reasd them is another matter, but I'll take them anyway.

* Oracle Night by Paul Auster - my favourite author, and a book that has been on my 'to red' list for quite a while.
* Don Quixote by Cervantes - a classic novel, which hugely influences Auster's work. It's about time I sat down to read this epic.
* Death Is Not The End by Ian Rankin - Got to keep the Scottish writer influence flowing in my blood also.

I wrote the query letter to send to the record company in charge of Yello. I was unable to find a management address anywhere but I will have another scout around and see if I can locate them tomorrow. Dieter Meyer is a hard man to locate since the previous company went out of sorts but hopefully somebody will pass on the letter and the idea of a novella written around one of his albums will spark his interest.

It anyone knows how to conact him or his agent, please drop me a line.
Colin 9:03 pm


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