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Saturday, June 24, 2006


What a day.

Me and Gail slept in the living room now that the bedroom has been gutted. One mattress on the floor like a couple of squatters, surrounded by empty coffee cups and discarded clothes. All we needed was a spoon and a lighter and it would have started to resemble a scene from an Irvine Welsh novel.

I dropped Laura off at dancing and headed up to town to get my kilt sorted for the wedding. I use The Kilt Hire Co. at Haymarket; easily the best around for getting hold of hard-to-get tartans and all done to the most professional of standards.

I plumped for my favourite tartan; Black Watch. Not only do I like it, but given the recent amalgamation of the Scottish Regiments, (nullifying the existence of The Black Watch regiment), and the fact the wedding is just outside Perth, I thought it fitting I should wear it. It will give me a chance to wear my Glen Garry and Red Hackle.

After completing the deal, I headed to Dofos; straw and other essentials for the Galbraith Zoo were purchased, then I collected Laura and headed home.

The afternoon was all about the bedroom. Together, me and Gail got through a power of work. We sanded, primed and white-washed all the walls, skirting and edging (there's a name for those bits but I forget). It took us from lunchtime until 6.30pm, when I had to start getting ready to go to work. Yes, you heard right - I was off to the office for a second Saturday night in succession.

Most of my time in the office was spent sitting around waiting for other people so I worked in Hunting Jack until I got too tired to concentrate. I did some major editing and finished work on the new chapter. All in all, about 3500 new words.

I never got finished until 4am and when I got home, Gail was just finishing doing more work on the room. We retired exhausted and sore, but happy with the progress made.
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