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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Bored Shitless

Bored shitless. That's what I was today. After not getting to bed until 5am I was awoken five hours later by the sound of an ambulance in the street. I called the MIL and she said I didn't have to pick up Laura until 4pm. So I tried to get some more rest but couldn't. Shattered but unable to get back to my dreamland, I reluctantly got up.

I drank coffee and showered but didn't feel any better. It was raining, too, so going out was scored off the list. I had some lunch and watched out the dreary window for a sign of Gail returning from her Hen night in Glasgow. I called her, but she was still at my sisters.

I was bored beyond belief, so I called my Dad to with him a happy Father's Day. He wasn't long up either by the sound of it.

By early afternoon, despite everyone only being away for one night, I found myself really missing everyone.

Gail called from Haymarket. The train was stuck again but she would be home by 3.45pm - about half an hour. I waited expectantly for her to arrive, like the last puppy in the pet shop window. She called from a taxi to say she was going to collect Laura, which would save me having to do it and they would be home for 4pm.

At 5pm the family arrived home just as I was slumping into the bed to watch the Brazilians play in the World Cup. Laura made me a dinner of Macaroni and Cheese for Father's Day and gave me two cards; one bought and one she made. Dinner was great but I was aware of the total lethargy inside me pulling me towards the ground.

By 6pm Gail and Laura had left to go and visit her Grandfather. Alone again, I went out back to check on the animals. I couldn't be arsed writing or reading such was my abject boredom. I was now beyond fixing it and I realised the whole day had been nothing but a countdown until I got back to bed.

When they returned at half past nine, it was way past Laura's bed time so she went straight to sleep. I checked on the fish and noticed one was MIA and the other was floating dead at the top of the tank, chewed beyond belief by the teeth of the two new Oscars. They will have to go. My mistake will cost them their lives, but it's either that or I lose the whole population of my tank.

I was so happy to get to bed.
Colin 11:51 am


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