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Monday, May 01, 2006

The PSH Great Poetry Free-For-All

It's a public holiday today. The May Day holiday, in fact, which means all the shops are shut, public transport is running a restricted service and it is raining. But the super-powers that be, say WE still HAVE to work. Rearrange the following words into a suitably apt sentence to describe our Board of Directors.

stingy - arse - of - effing - bunch - holes - arse

Despite having to sit in an office with no phones ringing, no contact to anyone else in the world and no means of getting a good coffee or lunch, the day went rather quickly. At 8am the PSH Great Poetry Free-For-All began in the UK and an email came through almost immediately from the organiser to say it had started. I downloaded one of every e-book on offer and sent out an email from work. Most people are on holiday so it sets me back immediately.

Once I caught up on my weekend blogging I put up the advert at the top of my site for the e-book. I printed a couple of copies off as well; one for Laura and the other for the little lad who the book is dedicated to.

I had some work to do on the website in the evening, both to the blog and to the main site. I adjusted a few things for the publications I've had recently, got it ready for the new e-book and updated the news page. I received some feedback from downloaders of my book; some from friends and one from a brand new reader. It's the kids reaction I want to gauge though. They're the real critics in this project.

Anyway, here's May's GDR Targets. There'll be no fannying around this month!

* Complete Stella
* Complete second redraft of Hunting Jack
* Complete new chapter of Hunting Jack
* Write a new short story
* Keep on top of submissions list

* Write poem for reading at my sister's wedding in July
* Write any poems that come to mind inspirationally

* Commence work on Scotland's Treasure for July column
* Write story/article for Being Dad Anthology
* Write four weekly blog entries for TSDR

Marketing and Promotion
* Step up marketing and promotion of Fringe Fantastic for Fringe
* Keep website up to date
* Follow up on PR received still to be actioned

Reading and Research
* Release Tall Tales and Short Stories Vol.2 into the wild
* Finish reading friends novel WIP and prepare crit
* Prepare for Extra HJ research

Other Projects
* Stay on top of editorial work for TSDR

For more information about Fringe Fantastic, please go to the website:

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