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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Shoe Mystery

Felt hungover when I woke up today, the evil drink playing a major part in my downfall this morning after last night's raucous events at the Ordinary Boys gig. It was a most memorable event and they are indeed a band to keep a close eye on. The outcome of the gig also had me committed to take the family to their first ever outdoor ska festival this Saturday in Falkirk. But more on that later.

Tiredness played a major part of my day. I was dreading having to play snooker at night, hoping that Ian would cancel and I could get to bed at a reasonable hour. Not even a bad dose of the skits could put him off though, and he fought through the on-set of a tummy-bug/cold just so he could play snooker with me and drink a few beers.

I desperately need a new pair of shoes. The hole in my right sole is becoming increasingly annoying. If it is wet underfoot, then my foot gets soaked. If it is dry, as it has been a lot lately, I can feel every bump and stone I walk over, digging into my skin and making it sore in places. Bits of glass and stone constantly get stuck in it and my socks are wearing out thin just at the hole.

Or am I making it up? It occurred to me that some of you may think I'm just introducing fiction into my blog just to spice it up. I mean who would seriously walk about in a city full of cobbles with a hole in the bottom of their shoe? Who would honestly be so stupid to walk about and allow rain, stones and bits of glass to find their way into their shoe so easily, when there are an abundance of shoe shops in Edinburgh?, Maybe I am making it up, and maybe I am not. To that end I am going to have a poll. It's in the big yellow box over to the left of this page.

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