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Monday, April 24, 2006

Corporate Rain

I sat through a 90-minute communication session today. It was full of party-political, corporate bollo and drove me up the wall with frustration having to listen to it. I even spilt my coffee on the floor as I shuffled my feet in attempt to do a Sammy Davis Jr. special under my chair to relieve the abject boredom.

The whole experience only served to prove my instinct correct, that a life of driving myself up the corporate ladder is just not for me. I have no interest in becoming one of the drones who have lost sight of everything else in life except management information charts, graphs and service statistics. I have no interest corporate babble and licking the arse of managers just to get further embedded into a company that talks a good game but delivers a bad smell.

Don't get me wrong. My job can be good at times because I get to mess around with I.T. and learn about new technologies. That bit is good because it is interesting, but totally unrelated to what this company does. I.T. exists everywhere, and always will. So as far as making money in this sector goes, I'm relatively safe.

The problem is the whole rat-race thing. Being tied down and unable to create within my own set of parameters. In fact, to hell with parameters. There's enough of that in here as it is. Too much boredom and nit-picking, too much interference of this company into personal lives and too much brown-nosing. It's just not me.

My email client at home is giving me jip. I found a fix but every time I re-boot I have to apply it, which is no good. Another fix has to be found because I'm not copying files over every time I want to open Outlook Express.

When I did get it open there was a rejection. A Bond of Faith and What a Waste were both thrown back from The Summerset Review.

I ran a check on The Literary Traveler, who last October accepted my piece Robert Louis Stevenson - Always in Edinburgh, and see that it has now been published under the Premium section. It includes photographs and was posted on Sunday so you have to be a paid-up member to read the full article. Have a scan at what is there, and let me know what you think:

The Literary Traveler -- Robert Louis Stevenson ~ Always in Edinburgh.

Later in the evening I worked more in my forthcoming e-book, Silly Poems for Wee People Vol.1. It's coming on slowly (the images) but we're getting there. I may end up doing them in black and white for effect.

One problem that has arisen (found while helping Gail on a persentation this evening), is that my scanner won't work with XP Pro. When I got it, it came with the PC which was then W98. Even after downloading the updated rivers it doesn't seem to be compatible. Without it, the book will be imageless.

Finally, me and Laura waved goodbye to the Black Molly from the aquarium. Tyson had contracted septecemia and had to be put down before he was a threat to the others. Poor wee fella!

It never rains.......

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