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Thursday, March 02, 2006

GDR Plan for March

Holy Moly! Did you notice I neglected to post my GDR for March yesterday? THAT'S how tired I was!!! I've appended it to this entry so don't fear, you will still get to see my plans for breaking into the literary world like a storm in a tea-cup very soon.

I allowed myself the luxury of an extra hour in bed this morning. Basically because it was so just cold outside and not really for any other reason. In fact, to merely use the world "cold" is an injustice to Jack Frost because it was absolutely perishingly, shiveringly, balticly, nose-snappingly, bitterly cold!

Thank God for Madness beanie hats and brass necks.

This is how I feel every day as I sit in my office.

Me - at my desk.

Today I re-drafted an old story. I wrote it almost two years ago as an experiment when I was "under the influence" to see what kind of drivel came out. It was fun to do, but not much of a literary gem.

Until last night when I uncovered a journal that, if edited and given a better structure, the story might just be suitable for. So today I dug it out and spent time working on The Great Misunderstood Artist of Lynedoch Street. It's a weird story, but it may just have the potential for life if I rework the thing.

I also worked on the first re-draft of my next article for Interactive Dad Magazine, which I wrongly called Dads Are Kids Too yesterday. That's the one currently on submission to them. The one I worked on today and yesterday is called Displaying Affection Towards Your Step-Child.

I never got anything else done tonight because I was in the school. Parents Night, even as an adult, still scares the willies out of me!!

GDR Plan for March

* Complete work on Stella
* Complete second redraft of Hunting Jack
* Complete new chapter of Hunting Jack
* Write a new short story
* Redraft The Great Misunderstood Artist of Lynedoch Street (TGMAOLS) and polish for submission
* Submit TGMAOLS
* Keep on top of submissions list

* Write poem for reading at my sister's wedding in July
* Write poems if the moment takes

* Start work on Scotland's Treasure for May column
* Write story/article for Being Dad Anthology
* Write four weekly blog entries for TSDR
* Write and submit another step-dad article for Interactive Dad

Marketing and Promotion
* Continue marketing and promotion of Fringe Fantastic
* Follow up FF review/interview requests
* Keep website up to date

Reading and Research
* Release Tall Tales and Short Stories Vol.2 into the wild - really have to do this
* Read friends novel WIP and prepare crit
* Read from my 'waiting to be read' pile - The Black Book by Ian Rankin
* Research The Cold War - want to get some books on this as well as web research. Not as urgent now since Stella took a different direction while writing.

Other Projects
* Stay on top of editorial work for TSDR

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Colin 7:50 am


I love the pic of you at work! Haha what a riot. Good on you for your GDR! Have a great weekend, Col!

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