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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Very Good Day

I got en email early this morning. Wildchild have published my short story, Under the Skin.

This is a significant step. I have been trying hard to get published by them for a while now. I had Heart of a Child accepted last year and was delighted, but I had to pull the story after the revisions they were asking were taking the soul out of the piece. It was a very Scottish story and I felt it was losing the essence.

Anyway, ever since then it has played in the back of my mind; did I do the right thing? I should have just taken the acceptance, etc. and of course with no other short story credits coming in, I started to wonder.

This year I decided to focus hard on my fiction, to study the intricacies, structures, editing techniques and methods used in small and large fictional works. On February 3rd I wrote a story long-hand on the train to Newcastle. Three weeks later it was accepted and today it was published.

I'd say that was a damn good result and that I am definitely moving in the right direction.

In other news, I published my weekly blog entry over at The Scruffy Dog Review Blog, wrote over 5000 words on Stella, redrafted TGMAOLS, cutting quite a lot of the excess fat out, and I read more of the book I am reading for my writing pal.

All in all it was a very, very successful day!

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Colin 12:04 pm


Wow, Colin! That's fantastic! It's a great marker to show that your new ideas for 2006 are definitely moving you in the right direction! I'm going to pop over there and check it out right now:)
Congrats! This is a huge victory. I'm a struggling writer myself, and with no luck so far...your prose and good fortune is keeping me inspired.
This is great, Colin! Congrats!

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