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Monday, March 06, 2006

Not Bad, For A Monday

I received an email from Rick Lupert over at The Poetry Super Highway this morning. As I've already mentioned once or twice, he's running the Great Poetry Exchange again this year where poets from all over the world donate books they have published. Each poet is then assigned someone else hat has pledged a book and they all swap books. Good idea, huh? Click on the above link to see the list of participants this year.

I've been assigned an American poet called Brandon Cesmat who lives in California, to send a copy of Fringe Fantastic to. Behind me in the chain is a lady called Frances Macaulay Forde from Ireland, and I'll receive her book, Hidden Capacity: A Poet's Journey. Exciting stuff!

I wrote tomorrow's blog entry for The Scruffy Dog Review, about the invention of a robotic signature pen and I wrote through another two redrafts of TGMAOLS.

I also got a few hundred more words on Stella completed before hitting a wall. I need to check out some facts first. I started the third redraft of Hunting Jack and got up to the end of chapter 2.

Tonight saw the latest TV adaption of Ian Rankin's Rebus novels on screen. With the superb Ken Stott as the Inspector, this was the case of Fleshmarket Close (or Fleshmarket Alley for all those American's who didn’t know what a 'close' is).

It was superb. Better then the last one because of the more complicated plot. Topical also, which helped and Stott is just superb as portraying the stoic detective. It must be such a thrill for Rankin to see his creation alive and on screen solving mysteries he has spent months devising and writing.

For more information about Fringe Fantastic, please go to the website:

Colin 8:29 am


I own Fleshmarket Alley, thank you very much! And I'd love to see the films of Inspector Rebus.

Your story in WCP is lovely

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