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Friday, March 03, 2006

White Edinburgh

My morning starts are getting earlier. I was up before 6am today and into the centre of the city before daylight. The walk to work from the bus stop was amazing. It is so fantastic to see Edinburgh in the hours just after night has closed and dawn is preparing to break. When the sun is toying with the landscape, pushing the moon away to form extended shadows and the birds join in for a dawn chorus because nobody except you is around, it is the perfect time of day.

If you are into that kind of thing you should see London at the same time. London at night or as morning is about to break is one of the wonders of the world.

It was especially cold this morning with their having been clear sky all night. There was not a cloud to be seen anywhere by the time daylight broke and it made for beautiful scene.

By lunchtime, there was over an inch of snow lying over Edinburgh. It started mid-morning and we watched from the windows as huge flakes fell by their millions and blanketed the streets and buildings in white.

When I left for work it had already started melting but darkness was falling again and the temperature was dropping. The ice that formed on the pavements and streets was instant and dangerous so I was happy to get home.

Such changes in the weather are typical of Scotland. It's not unusual to get the four seasons in one day.

As for work (the good kind) I printed off my pals' manuscript so I can get stuck into reading it. I'm going to put all my other reading on hold so I don't get sidetracked while reading it.

I completed the final re-draft on my Interactive Dad Magazine article. It's now ready for submission but I'll wait until the current article on submission has been received back with either a rejection or acceptance.

I worked on TGMAOLS and got it ready for submission. I keep spotting things in the plot that don't tie up so I'll have to give it another couple of reads through.

I started drafting new ideas for the May column of Scotland's Treasure in The Scruffy Dog Review. Got a couple of really good ideas, which I'd like to work on about the history of Edinburgh and which is linked to contemporary art.

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Colin 5:05 pm


Sounds fabulous, Col. I missed winter in Edinburgh completely, by about 2 days on either side of my arrival and my departure!
What a nice description of Edinburgh! Makes me want to vacation there - you made it come alive.

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