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Saturday, March 04, 2006

A Saturday To Die For

My MIL kindly bailed me out today, so while I was delighted to get a break from doing the dance run, I didn't get to go up town and browse books and CD's like I would on a normal Saturday morning. To be honest I wasn't too bothered. It was good to get a relaxing start to the weekend with some nice coffee and a copy of The Scotsman.

Then, to make matters even better, I got a whole day of undisturbed writing. The family were all doing other things, which meant I could do as I pleased. Since I had already done all the housework last night, it was about as perfect a Saturday as I could have wished. No housework, a tidy house, no kids, no wives, no unwanted sound or clutter, no hammering or DIY. Just a bacon roll, coffee a laptop set up in the lounge and the sports channel on in the background - all afternoon!

I worked on more revisions to TGMAOLS and then got stuck into writing Stella. I wrote until about six o'clock and had been planning to make a curry but when Laura returned from her pals having had her dinner, and with Gail not that fussed I ditched that idea in favour of something less interesting. I kept writing until late evening when tiredness eventually took its hold.

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