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Friday, February 24, 2006

A Relaxing Friday

Two hours into the working day and I got an email from Dave requesting attendance at the usual spot for the usual mid-day quaff. Naturally, I obliged and was reminded that today is in fact Dave's birthday. This being a fact, also meant today is his wedding anniversary. Good move by Mrs Dave, since it is a day he will never be able to forget.

Several pints were consumed before heading back to the office where much merriment ensued. Friday's do tend to have a lightened, almost amphetamine-like effect on the inhabitants of the office. Everyone knows freedom is but hours away and it lifts everyone, however temporarily, out of the gloom.

After work I went back to Clark's for another pint with Julz and Tom. Julz left after one and shortly after me and Tom taxied the extreme distance from the bottom end of Dundas Street to the top end of Dundas Street. A pub called The Prive Council was our destination and a room full of Royal Bank of Scotland workers, were there to meet us.

It was a work's night out for no particular occasion that I could fathom, but I think the only reason they were there was the £1.50 till 11pm drink offer on everything at the bar. Not bad, and we probably didn't do it justice. It's not going to go down as my favourite watering hole in Edinburgh; too many wankers that think they are top-of-the-tree and want the world to know how great they are. The music wasn't bad though, as the DJ (yes, a DJ in a bar) played some mowtown and jazz tracks.

I left around half past eight and headed home. The rugby tomorrow was in the back of my mind and going out to watch Scotland play England with a hangover, is never a good idea. So I got home early and had some dinner, then chilled in front of the TV before bed. For tomorrow, it is the clash of The Auld Enemy.

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Colin 11:13 am


That comment on Fridays having an amphetamine like effect on the office was classic! You hit the nail right on the head - for many offices (and in fact much of the working world) - hilarious!
Interesting blog about hunger for lust, keep up the good work hunger for lust

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