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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Getting Stuck In

With Hunting Jack safely under the belt and ideas forming left right and centre, I moved my attention to Stella. I read the entire manuscript I have so far, and edited it carefully as I went along, got the story pulled out in my mind and worked on the development. I'm pretty sure it's going to be novella length by the time it's finished, which is fine, it's not meant to be a novel being based as it is on an album.

I couldn't sleep for thinking about Jackie and the future; where he might be now and what he's involved with. How I do this is unclear as yet, but I know it will happen. I think the period between the end of Hunting Jack and now needs to be covered, I think. Ten years can't be ignored and it is these ten years that will see Jackie shape from a naive 16-year old to a mature man. It will also influence what happens later in his life.

It's something I might be able to go back and write, just like the events of 1984, but do I want to do it so higgledy-piggledy? I mean, writing a series of books should be one after the other right? Or does it?

I also decided there is a whole new scene I want to write into Hunting Jack. I want to include his trip to an Edinburgh library where he goes to research some of what he has found out about his family's background. Here he will discover all about the Glasgow Ice-Cream Wars and it will not only help him come to terms earlier, but make his goal clearer. It will also help explain events to the reader more, too, rather than have to work all of it out at the end.

I joined the
Great Poetry Exchange 2006
, another exciting event put together by Rick Lupert of the Poetry Super Highway. I'll be teamed randomly with another author and we will swap poetry chapbooks. Rick also did the Great Poetry Giveaway last year, which spawned the creation of my first chapbook, Brick by Brick and was the third top downloaded e-book of the exercise.

That's about it for today. Working on these two manuscripts took up most of my time - outside work - though I did have to get my bag packed for my weekend away. I'll be off to South Shields tomorrow afternoon and then Newcastle on Saturday evening.

Should be interesting.

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