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Friday, January 13, 2006

Return To Clark's

Lunchtime saw me back in Clark's Bar for the first time this year. It felt great to be back - great pint and some great banter. It was made all the more enjoyable when I sold another copy of Fringe Fantastic to a fellow patron of the bar!

I contacted my publisher about the 15 missing copies of Fringe Fantastic. Since these books were ordered through a now unavailable 'supersaver' service, they are unable to track them, but they have said they will place a re-order at no charge to me (but worth £54/$95 to them) if they have not arrived by next Monday.

I won't be taking any more books through this free service they offer. It seems that no attempt is made to ensure the books arrive but I have to say I'm more than happy with the service I get. They always answer my queries and always offer to fulfil my expectations without being asked. I can’t really complain.

I started a new project, combining my new hobby with my writing. It's part of my GDR2006 so I thought it would be a good idea. The projects is called Colly's Fishes, and it's a small blog following my experiences with my new aquarium. I have made entries for various stages through the life of the aquarium to date starting on Christmas Day.

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Colin 3:26 pm


Colly's fishes looks pretty cool. My fish tank is in a very sad state. My algae eater is NOT doing his job, and when I was away for 5 weeks every last fish, including my fighting fish, Bruce Lee in the next tank, died. You're inspiring me to be a better fish keeper! :)

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