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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Cheeky Promotion

Housework and then more housework. Couldn't get to writing as I hoped for; too many things to do. I was out and about as well to various shops but I can't complain since the weather was quite nice; cold, but pleasant.

I watched Gangs of New York in the evening with Gail. She wasn't up for it but she soon got right into it. I remembered why I enjoyed it so much; Daniel Day Lewis is superb as William "The Butcher" Cutting.

I did manage to get another two read-throughs and edits to my Robert Burns article for Circadian Poems and I updated my blog and GDR.

It's been a slow and restless start to the month. I keep getting these great ideas of ways to promote and sell my book, but at the same time I want, nae need, to keep writing. I'm having diffculty getting the flow running fast. It's all dribs and drabs and I seem to keep finding other things to do even if it is within the writing field.

One marketing idea I had is if I am evern in a taxi, they have these wee slots in the back that contain the business cards for the cab company. I'm thinking I could "share" these we holders with my own Fringe Fantastic cards and get some mobile advertising around Edinburgh. I'm not afraid to be cheeky when promoting my work; I like cheek, it makes me smile.

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