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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Getting The Word Out

All outstanding orders and FF competition winners have now been fulfilled. Final shipping of these literary treats took place this afternoon during my lunch break, and while I am still 15 books short from my allocation, I am happy to say that nobody who has ordered one, is still waiting.

I get a real buzz sending my books out. While I cannot make people like the book, the fact they have spent money on buying my art is a rush in itself. I have come up with a few new ideas to promote the book as well. Other than all the standard things I already do (press releases, fliers etc.) I need to find new outlets for the book. Places, other than bookshops, that are unique and can be used in a cross-promotion kind of way.

Places like Clark's Bar. I am going to ask them if they would like to have a Writer in Residence. Me. They sell my book over the bar and I promote the bar through my work and interviews. Clark's is already heavily used as a location in Hunting Jack, and my flier is still up behind the bar, but there is a bigger collaboration that might be made.

I was also thinking about poetry readings. If I could find a place that holds regular poetry nights in a bar, where people can come and have a pint and be entertained by stand-up poets. Poetry Slam nights they are called, but the last time I looked I could find nowhere in Edinburgh that still does them. There was one, but it ceased a couple of years ago. If I had the balls to do it, I could sell my books at the event.

A lot of the offers I have had I take with a pinch of salt. Someone I met while on holiday - a salesman of outdoor gear - said they reckon they could get Tizos to sell my book through their Edinburgh stores. And Tanfield Bowling Club said they would like to have me in to do a reading and signing session. I also have a connection to several schools in Scotland, but although they might be interested to have me in for a talk, I doubt I would be allowed to ask school kids for money!

I will be preparing to approach several specific bookshops and the Fringe organisers very soon with a view to organising some sort of campaign at this summers Festival. I'm not sure if I will need a license or anything, but if I can get the official organisers on my side I reckon The Scotsman won't be able to refuse my repeated ankle-biting.

Elsewhere, I submitted What A Waste, Loaded and The Oasis to Glimmer Train Press. I need to go through my submission list and chase some publications up. Some stories are now off the circuit after suffering rejections so I need to get them back out and circulating.

And Stella is beginngin to make it's voice heard now that the holiday season is past. I can feel my drive returning.

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Colin 12:37 pm


Just an idea from a traveler, but what about the hostels also? Like Backpackers on Cockburn or St. Christopher's on Market? Maybe you could work something out where you post an ad on the website or a leaflet in the books you send outside Edinburgh if they have copies of your book on the counter? Most backpackers are pretty granola and appreciate a good poem!


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