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Monday, January 09, 2006

Goals, Dreams & Resolutions for 2006


What writing breakthrough this past year (2005) made me the proudest?
* Self-publishing Brick by Brick, my first foray into poetry chapooks and photography
* Self-publshing and marketing of Fringe Fantastic chapbook in paperback
* Talking and learning from Ian Rankin on a 1-2-1 basis

Where am I with my writing now? (end of 2005)

* Not getting through enough fiction to keep me happy
* Learning curve through self-publishing was massive with great feeling of acheviement
* First strides made into paying markets and non-fction writing
* Slowly being taken more seriously as a career writer


What project(s) did I leave unfinished last year that I need to finish for my own peace of mind?

A Friend To Die For - 40% complete
Stella - 10% complete
Working with Websites - 65% complete

What creative goals do I want to achieve over the next year?

* Complete Stella and A Friend to Die For
* Complete drafting and development of Hunting Jack
* Look at developing Jackie McCann as a character
* Write regular non-fiction articles on areas of interest .i.e step-dad, music, Scotland's arts
* Be more involved with Scruffy Dog Editorial work
* Produce more photographic work
* Adapt What A Waste into a stage play

What financial goals do I want to achieve over the next year?

* This is not my driving force. Getting published and recognised is more important to me. Of course, in the transition from full-time office-worker to full time writer this has to become an issue, but until I feel I am at a certain standard with my writing and inner-belief, then I cannot use it as a means to forward my art.

* Aim to target more paying markets and develop work relations through publications already accepted to.

* Make Fringe Fantastic as much of a financial success as possible.

What creative steps are necessary to achieve these goals?

* Focus more heavily on fiction
* Do lots more research for fictional work
* Research, target and develop more paying markets
* Be more organised with marketing and develop PR relations
* Try to make more time to read more books

What steps do I need to take on the technical front to achieve these goals?

* Grammar
* Internal Thesaurus
* Editing
* Upgraded my PC

What changes do I need to make in my daily life to achieve these goals?

* Continue to convince my friends and family to consider me as a writer first and foremost.
* Continue to devote time and effort to the act of sitting down to write and of the act of research.
* Try to develop my writers network.

What marketing steps are needed to achieve these goals?

* Promote FF to a larger audience including the Fringe Festival in August.
* Continue to develop the process I built when promoting HJ and FF.
* Develop relations with other writers, editors and journalists.

How much time each day do I vow to devote to writing?

Weekdays - 4 hours minimum
Weekends - 10 hours minimum

This is flexible. See working time guide for moer information.

With what new type of writing will I experiment with in the coming year?

* Technical writing needs more work
* Poetry for kids


Where do I want to be with my writing in the long-term?

* I want to be a successful and ackowledged writer.
* To be able to resign from my job, in the knowledge that I can support my family to at least the standard of living we have now.

What will make me refer to myself, first and foremost, as a "writer"?

* Complete A Friend to Die For and Stella
* Complete drafting of Hunting Jack
* Find an agent
* Establish myself as a good columnist for TSDR
* Be published more regularly in non-fiction markets that are paying and higher quality
* Work with my colleagues to develop The Scruffy Dog Review
* Persuade others around me to see me as a writer first and an office worker second

What other goals, dreams and resolutions in my non-writing life do I want to work on in tandem with my writing goals?

* Lose my beer gut (or a fair portion of it)
* Do more DIY around the house

What new non-writing interests do I wish to add to my life this year?

* Find the time to start fly-fishing again
* Develop my tropical aquarium
* Find inner peace

Using the above GDR's for 2006, I will break each month down and set goals for each month. Here is January's GDR:

* Query What A Waste to more target markets (BBC R4, paying mags)
* Work on Stella
* Complete first refradft of Hunting Jack - 64/81 done
* Keep on top of submissions list

* Write poems as the moment takes

* Write story/article for Being Dad Anthology
* Write four weekly blog entries for TSDR
* Write Robert Burns article for Circadian Poems. Deadline 15/01/06
* Write and submit another step-dad article for Interactive Dad

Marketing and Promotion
* Continue marketing and promotion of Fringe Fantastic (see spreadsheet for full details)
* Chase up FF review/intervew requests
* Print bookmarks (need photopaper)
* Keep website up to date

Reading and Research
* Release Tall Tales and Short Stories Vol.2 into the wild
* Read from my 'waiting to be read' pile
* Research The Cold War

Other Projects
* Stay on top of editorial work for TSDR
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It's a long road, isn't it? But steady pursuit and self-confidence will bring success! Happy New Year!

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