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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

On A Roll

Jack Frost returned with a vengeance last night, not seen since the polar caps last had a mega-snowstorm. It was so cold ice crystals had formed on anything left exposed to the elements, the ground was slippy, cars struggled to chug to life and my breath clung to the frozen air like clouds of desperate thoughts in a dying mind.

I had another article published today. How To Create Your Own E-book For Free is now up on Writer-on-Line adding yet another valuable credit to my writing CV.

Made a couple of tweaks to the Fringe Fantastic and my main website with my latest article publications. I've removed anything to do with KIC so there's no more Hunting Jack images on display for now.

Hunting Jack is almost complete on its first redraft now anyway and I'll be splitting it into chapters very soon. Then the first few pages will get submitted to the Undiscovered Authors competition, so it's probably best it's taken down for now.

I really couldn't be arsed with snooker tonight. It's a side-effect from knowing I have so much on my plate and not enough time, so standing about a snooker hall is fine if you can enjoy it; tonight I never. I didn't even drink any beer, which probably made the night wear on longer than normal, but I couldn't be bothered with that either.

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