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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Mild Like Spring

Very mild today; the cloud cover trapping a warm bubble of spring-like air over Edinburgh and confusing the hell out of the locals. There we were, all wrapped up with scarves and bulbous coats on when we realised it wasn't cold enough and ended up feeling awkward and sticky on the way to work.

Work has been very busy over these past few weeks. One member of my team has been holidaying in Oz and the other in and out the office intermittently, leaving me to deal with everything in between. It's starting to do my head in.

I posted my Scruffy Dog Review Blog entry today. It's a bio from my Great Scottish Author's Series, this week about the amazing Muriel Spark.

Forgot to mention yesterday I had an article published over at Interactive Dad Magazine. I got involved with these guys a wee while ago and like what they do so decided to submit a piece. Top Mistakes A Stepdad Should Avoid was published on Monday. I intend to submit more regularly to this magazine, because I think it's a valuable resource pitched in an exciting and informative way. I also think there's not nearly enough on-line material for step-fathers so it means I can contribute to something that means a lot to me. And more writing credits to my name can't be a bad thing.

I keep getting these wild ideas about Jackie McCann; what to do with him, where to take him and who with. It's all stemming from reading over the Rankin transcript of my meeting with him in September. Suddenly there's a wider world and more doors opening the more I contemplate, but I can't decide. I'm not going to be making any decisions on this soon anyway; it's not had time to percolate, so I write them in my notebook for later when I know the ideas will have sufficiently matured.

After Fringe Fantastic I have a void, and that is filling with the work I have to do for The Scruffy Dog Review, Stella and my GDR. I think next year is going to be a big year for my larger works of fiction.

This year seems to have been all about finding myself and trying out new things. It's been about concentrating within certain genres and I'm pleased with what I've achieved. I'm more committed than ever before and I'm more confident as a result. Roll on 2006!

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Colin 11:44 am


You're doing great, Colin! I'm so delighted for you! I agree, there's not enough info for stepdads out there. With your engaging style and ability to communicate clearly -- you're helping everyone in step families.

Way to go!

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