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Monday, November 28, 2005

Press Releases, Press Releases

Four days to go!

I hardly slept. The gurgling and awkward squeaking noises emanating from my belly went on well into the night. I was up and down various times throughout the night and by 4am I contemplated staying up. But I didn't, for I was shattered at not getting any sleep. I tried lying on my back and front or my sides; nothing seemed to ease the discomfort of the Madras as it worked its merry way through my alimentary canal. I shall rue its deliverance later today.

I found myself in quite a bad mood today. I got to work just wanting to get on with what I had to do but found myself getting annoyed at everything going on around me. Cheeriness on this particular morning didn't seem to sit well and I started to resent anyone with a smile on their face. Then the self-centred element of the office started to get on my wick and I had to leave the room to get some calm air. This place is full of the most amazing pretentious arseholes who seem convinced of their own self-importance.

The pain in my shoulder is back with a vengeance. The pain runs vertically under the base of my left shoulder blade and down my back, making it fee like I've been skewered by a spike. I can literally feel the knot of muscle that is responsible for the constant dull pain. If I turn, twist or move my upper body in any direction it is really sore and I feel winded. I'll have to get Gail to work her magic on it later on. I'm pretty sure it's a result of the way I slept.

Update on the Taser debate.

"A naked Florida man was accidentally shocked in the genitals by a police Taser while breaking windows, and asking women to touch him inappropriately."

My opinion remains unchanged.

I sent off all the hard copy press releases today. All but The Scotsman and The Herald, which are the only two I will actually send a copy of the book for review without asking. The rest are on request, but I've sent them loads of information and lovely PR's with a colour picture of the cover in the corner. Once I take delivery of the books I'm getting for promotion, I'll send them off.

The emails had to be adjusted slightly, but I'll wait until Friday before sending them off. Some are to the same publication and so these will reinforce the hard copy. Others are their main contact media so fingers crossed.

All the web-based press releases were set up to go live on Friday at midnight and one of them now allows me to include a free image of the cover, which is good.

I emailed every community library in Edinburgh with a view to them stocking my book. Hopefully some will get back to me.

I've been asked to write a piece on Robert Burns as part of the Circadian Poems tribute to Burns' Night in January. I have already written an article on his life this year as part of my Great Scottish Authors series, so I intend to make this quite a bit different.

When my Papa died nineteen years ago (Grandfather on my Dad's side), I was given his pocket book of Burns' Poems. I still have it and quite often flick through the pages of the small red book. Only an inch by an inch and a half, it contains all of his work, and so I intend to use it to develop a suitable, exciting and informative article on Burn's life, the traditions of Burns' night, and what it means to the Scottish people.

I wrote a thousand words on Stella up to end of chapter 3. Randolph, my protagonist, is now in Morocco, in a place called the Desert Inn. This chapter will see the end of the Part one; the background of what happened twenty years ago and the scene-setting to Part two, which concentrates on the title character, Stella. Part three will be the climax, bringing the two of them together and packed with an explosive twist that will explain everything.

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I'm excited about the article!

And, about Fringe Fantastic!
Hope you feel better soon! I know all too well that night-time vengence that food can deliver.

I love the Robbie Burns idea. Growing up, it was always a big deal in our family and we always tried to go to a local event. That ended when the older members of our family passed but we intend to recreate it again this year for the first time in over a decade.

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