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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Back Pain

Three days to go!

Got through a load of Hunting Jack issues today. I found myself bursting out laughing with some of the lines I gave to old Victor, the Jamaican bloke from Leith. What a character he is; I should do more with him. The only problem is the phonetic dialect that's used. It makes his accent read naturally and so the humour comes out easier, but it takes ages to get it right on paper.

I got all the emails completed for sending out on Friday morning. There are about 30 in total, some reinforcing contacts and others first timers. I'm about two thirds through the ten-week marketing programme, and by the end of this week I should be at around 80% complete.

An email came in first thing from the Assistant Editor at Scotland Magazine responding to my letter I sent last night. She has asked for a copy of the book for review, so once they arrive I'll send one out to her.

I'm getting a bit worried about the books not being here yet. Three days left and still nothing; I fully expected to have them in my possession. This could present a problem because the more requests for publicity that I can't fulfil immediately, the more I will look poorly organised. Plus there is the competition to fulfil and all the pre-orders I'm taking now. I'm getting lots more entries to the competition than I am pre-orders. I think most people want to try and win a copy before buying one.

All my web stats have gone through the roof and I can only assume it's down to the increased activity generated by FF. Once the rest of the PR's go out I'm wary, but hoping for all these hits to be generated into sales.

My weekly article was posted to The Scruffy Dog Review Blog - this week about the power mere words can have throughout history.

My back was been like hell all day. No matter what position I sat, stood or walked in I cold feel the pain, which seemed to be spreading across my back. Gail rubbed Deep Heat into it before I went to bed. The stuff reeks but I could feel it working almost immediately, burning its way into my core. I'm getting really fed up of moaning about it, but it's a major inconvenience and it's bloody sore!

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When I worked in publishing, we'd figure the books would arrive 12 days past the date we needed them and adjust accordingly. For some reason, it was always twelve days.

So we'd ask for them 12 days earlier than we actually needed them. And then we'd be okay.

Also, usually we had an arrangement with the printer to send us three dozen or so ahead of the rest of the print run, so that we had them on hand.

Have you thought about doing some sort stories with Victor? He is great.

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