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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Mad Man In Tesco

Five days to go!

A nice relaxing start to the final day of the week; just what the doctor ordered. I poached a couple of eggs on toast and enjoyed a lovely hot coffee with a read of The Sunday Herald.

I had some 'Sunday tasks' to take care of also. I backed up my PC (I'm doing this regularly now with clearly marked discs since last weeks traumatic cock-up with my Madness CD). I also replaced the water in the fish tank, giving Smashie some nice clean water for him to breathe in.

Laura spent the afternoon at the annual Pantomime outing with her Gran and cousin's, which meant me and Gail could go shopping. I was mostly bored beyond belief and ended up finding my own lack of inability to enjoy trawling aisles of Tesco's for bargains quite funny. Gail was not amused, however, as my laughter rose to a crescendo and I double over over unable to walk, my stomach in pain at the laughter. People started to look at me as though I were mad. Which of course, I suppose I had to have been.

Next door to where we were shopping was a huge pet store. I'd never been out that way before so we popped in. It was excellent. They had loads of rabbits, gerbils, hamsters and chipmunks and a large aviary at the back, which made a hell of a noise from all the varieties of species. There was also a large aquarium section, with a great choice of fishes and equipment. I'll definitely be back after Christmas, but it reminded me I really should get Smashie a present this year, seeing as he isn't getting a brand new tank as first promised.

In way of payment for my patience at being dragged round the shops, Gail bought a take-a-way curry when we got home. She got her usual Tikka Masala and I went for the roasting hot Madras. A decision I was later to regret.

I logged on and received news from Writer On Line that my article on making e-books will be published in the December issue.

Other than that there's not much more to tell. I didn't do much writing after dinner; my stomach struggling with the Madras I ate. I did some reading to take my mind off it but couldn't some up the energy or motivation to write anything. I figured I'd take the evening off and get myself ready for that final push into the last week of November.

And what a week it promises to be. I want to get several thousand words of Stella down and complete off a good chunk more of Hunting Jack. It will also see the launch of my second chapbook, Fringe Fantastic.

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