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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Taking It Easy

What a day yesterday was! I couldn't concentrate on much with my mind filled on book launch thoughts. All the press releases are done, both email and postal, plus all the website changes and leaflet printing is complete. The final stage of the promotion is now underway; to get out there and do the talking and hopefully, the selling.

I was surprised how much this past week has taken it out of me. I had to work between 7 and 9 and when I got home, I was so tired I had a cup of tea and some toast and just went to bed.

I didn't wake up until 1.30pm today!!!

I was supposed to have taken Laura to dancing but Gail left me and took her instead without telling me. I was secretly very delighted, not having slept that long since I lived with my parents. But boy, did I need it!

I received a flurry of first day orders yesterday. Some from friends here in Scotland and others from as far afield as the US and Canada. I'm pretty gobsmacked by other people's enthusiasm towards it and the responses I've been getting from people are making me start to realise that I may be onto something with this poetry/festival thing.

This morning for example, I got an email from a woman at Radio Clyde, writing to me on behalf of the legendary broadcaster, Alex Dickson. He's been in broadcasting for as long as I can remember and does the Book Show; reviewing books, interviewing authors and the like. He has asked for a copy of my book to review and "then possibly arrange an interview." This will be awesome if it comes off. Radio Clyde is THE major radio station in the West of Scotland. I only hope he likes the book!

I spent some of the afternoon on the loft trying to find our elusive Christmas decorations. No such luck so it's back the drawing board. There's only one place left to try - Gail's Dad's workshop, where we put stuff into storage at the start of the year while we were trying to sell our old house.

In the evening Gail and I went over to Musselborough to see some friends. Rob and Sarah had a wee baby boy, Charlie, earlier in the year and he was bouncing around and smiling away like nobody's business. After they put him down we ordered an Indian take-a-way. So with some beers and a Lamb Dupiaza, a small party began.

Pretty soon I was feeling tired again, but that might have had something to do with their brand new ultra-relaxing couch and sleep-inducing fireplace they just had installed.

This week has been exhausting. I am so looking forward to my break up North over Christmas. Just taking it easy and enjoying a slower, relaxing pace will be most welcome.

Before I go, a small nod in appreciation to a Scottish writer who now holds a pretty big influence over my appreciation and development of my writing. Robert Louis Stevenson, who regular readers will know has been a large focus of my reading and writing this year, died this very day, 111 years ago. On December 3rd 1894, there passed a man who still holds huge sway among writers in Scotland and the world over.

I've written a lot about him this year. If you want to read my published articles so far, please go to:

Robert Louis Stevenson - Poet and Author - a short biography focussing on the poetry of Edinburgh writer, Robert Louis Stevenson. Published in Circadian Poems, October 2005.

Robert Louis Stevenson - a short biography of the famous Edinburgh author, as part of my series Great Scottish Authors. Published in the Keep It Coming Newsletter, August 2005

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