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Monday, December 05, 2005

The Wrong Trousers

I badly need a new pair of trousers. I'm not one to go to much effort in getting dressed up for work, mainly out of protest and spite than anything else. I don't see why the girls should get to wear pretty much what they want, where we are forced to wear a shirt and tie. In the summer the girls can dress down to stay cool (and some of them really do, causing much consternation among the males of the office), but we have to sweat it out with a restricting coloured neck noose.

So I wear the same thing day in, day out. Plain black trousers, shirt and tie, which is never tightened; I always leave it hanging loose around my neck with my shirt unbuttoned. Non-professional I hear you cry, but then I don't have to deal with the public, only developers who feel the same way most of the time.

Some of the other blokes in the office have taken things even further, refusing to wear a tie altogether. Some people have started wearing jeans when the urge strikes, such is the air of apathy in here these days.

Me? Well I plod along with the usual clothes on, except now they are fighting back. While buckling my trousers this morning the snip broke leaving just one secure fastener holding them onto my waste. While walking to work I kept feeling wee tugs on my right leg. When I looked down I noticed the hem at the bottom of the right trouser leg had come loose and was hanging out, my shoe trapping it between sole and ground on each step. Should I continue plodding along and hope I get a new pair for Christmas? Or should I bite the bullet and buy a new pair? It's a tough decision.

Remember that picture I was harping on about last year and a couple of months ago - the one of the view from my old bedroom window, taken during a dark winter many years ago? There was a bird mentioned, who would often be seen sitting in the tree, flying over the fields or jumping around on my back lawn looking for food. I would put out crumbs on my window sill and leave the room. When I returned, there he was hopping along the strip of concrete getting his fill. He became my pal while I studied for my exams through High School and into University. Don't know if it was the same bird exactly, but I'm sure they were related.

Well at long last, here's the picture!! I found it recently and scanned it in tonight for your enjoyment. I think it's a great picture. It's serenity and coldness reminds me of winters back home, of time spent watching from my window, taking breaks from studying and listening to Pink Floyd and Yello. It reminds me of The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis as well, and of the excitement of Christmas approaching and wondering if it will be a white one.

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Colin 11:37 am


Sorry about your trousers, Col.

Has NARNIA been released in the U.K. yet? (the movie) We are going to see it on Friday. I can't wait!
That picture is so haunting. Yes, it does remind me of a fairy tale.
This post cracked me up! And what a beautiful picture!

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