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Sunday, December 04, 2005

News of the World

After a very lazy morning with Gail - the first morning we've had together with no kids about for ages - we had breakfast then went round to pick up Laura who had stayed at my MIL's last night. We had coffee and crispy biscuits and then Donna and Alan visited with wee Kyle. I don't think he's quite understanding what the whole Christmas thing is about but it won't be long before he's like Laura; excited and hyper because Santa is coming. I think this will be her last year though the way she's talking.

After spending a while there we headed back home and stopped to pick up a copy of this weeks edition of News of the World. On page 11, a right-hand side entry for maximum exposure, was my small but significant mention of Fringe Fantastic. Over 8,000,000 people read the NotW each week, so even if only 10 per cent read the article I'll have reached 800,000 people. If only 10 percent actually followed it up and visit the website, that would be 80,000 hits. If only 10 per cent of those hits bought a copy, I would make £64,000 before deductions.

You never know.

For those who can't make it out:

After doing some organising and tidying of my office I got down to some serious writing. 5k under my belt tonight reaffirming my desire to finish off the year with the best possible results.

Entries to the competition are piling in now and orders for the book are flowing in on a steady stream. Hopefully that stream will turn into a river.

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For more information about Fringe Fantastic, please see the website at:

I'm giving away FIVE free copies of Fringe Fantastic, signed and with their own special bookmark. All you have to do to enter, is answer one simple question (the answer is IN the website!!) before Friday 9th December:

In what month of the year does the Edinburgh Fringe Festival take place?

To submit your entry, click here: Enter the Fringe Fantastic Competition.

Alternatively, email your answer, along with your name and address to
Colin 11:14 am


Fantastic, Colin!

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