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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Pure Dead Fiction

Back to work - writing work, that is.

After a shower, breakfast and a damn hot coffee, I wrote my entry for my TSDR blog entry on Tuesday and caught up with my own journal. There were some emails from yesterday that I had to catch up on too since I never got onto my email once all day.

I checked-in to TSDR editorial forum and email to make sure nothing was outstanding. I have to contact a couple of the authors I have accepted this week but nothing else was pending.

Fiona, my sister, and Nolon popped in for coffee after spending the night at a 30th birthday party in Edinburgh last night – coincidence or what!? I probably won’t see them till nearer Christmas so we are planning a night with my parents and my other sister Lindsay just after Christmas before we go up north for our annual winter holiday.

In between working with Laura on some Maths projects and looking after Gail who is suffering from a major cold, I edited and reformatted some more issues of Hunting Jack during the remainder of the afternoon. I’m a quarter of the way through the entire manuscript now and once complete, I’ll go back and try to decide on where chapters fit naturally for the purposes of the Undiscovered Authors Competition. They are looking for a single first chapter and synopsis on which they will base their decision for the first regional round.

The rest of the night was spent working on Stella. This story is going to be much longer than first envisaged. Three chapters in and each of them are short stories in their own right. I might have to rethink calling each chapter after a song of the album because of the length but I’ll leave that to the end. The important thing is to get it down on paper and worry about moulding it later. If I was forced to guess, I reckon I could be looking at a possible 50k word count.

This is the first day a long time spent writing nothing but fiction. It feels magic!
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