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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Frontal Lobe Problems

I drifted in and out of sleep all night. I was up several times, tried reading and watching TV several times and even contemplated going for a walk but the freezing air of Leith put me off that idea.

I must have finally drifted off around 4am and when I got up around noon, my head was thumping something rotten. The front lobe of my brain felt like it was banging the inside of my skull and I had to take a couple of pills to try and kill it off.

A parcel arrived in the morning. At first I thought it was the proof book for Fringe Fantastic, but it turned out to be The Collected Poems of Rudyard Kipling sent to me from my dear old mother via

Kipling was my grandfather's (on my mother's side) favourite poet, particularly the famous poem, If - , which won the UK's number one favourite poem of all time in a recent anthology released by the BBC. I shall certainly enjoy reading all 880 pages of the book.

No writing to report today mainly because when I tried sitting in front of my monitor my headache only worsened. It persisted all day and the pills I took only served to make me feel lethargic.

I eventually went for a lie down and then a hot shower and started to feel better. Both my younger sisters, Fiona and Lindsay, had arranged to go to the Playhouse with Gail and Laura tonight to see Beauty and the Beast. We ordered Chinese meal before they left for the theatre, leaving myself and Nolon (Fiona's fiance) to sink a few beers and put the world to rights. The headache seemed to go away after that, despite the fireworks that were exploding all around the house.
Colin 4:15 pm


Hope you feel better soon!
Hope Sunday was a better day. d:)

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