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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Celebrating Life

Back to work today and I feel like I'm coming out of the tunnel. Things are clearing and my drive is returning with an edge of impatience because I've not written anything in two days. Okay, I got most of the website done but that's business - I want this to be a creative autumn.

I'm very impatient about the delivery of the final proof copy of FF. (Why didn't use FF to write Fringe Fantastic ages ago, is beyond me). Every time I see or hear the Postie my heart flutters, as I await the delivery of the book in its final form. The wait is excruciating; I just want to hold it and smell the pages of my work.

No sooner was I back at work that I had left. One of Gail's friends suffered a family bereavement recently and we attended the funeral together. It was respectful and very busy for a woman who seemed to have made many friends throughout her life.

Her eulogy spoke about her life and work, highlighting her time during World War 2, when she helped defend our country as a member of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force.

After the cremation we attended a wake at the Queen Charlotte Rooms in Leith, which showed me how in death, the Scots know how to celebrate someone's life after they've gone. There were no morbid faces or feeling of tension, as the immediate family invited everyone to help themselves to drink and food and enjoy themselves. They had booked the venue until 1am the following morning, just in case anyone thought they weren't serious.

I left early though as my weekly date at the snooker hall loomed, but as I found out later, Gail had a great time.
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