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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Can't Seem To Shake It

I felt pretty good when I got up. Refreshed, radiant and raring to go. Last night I slept like a log and reaped the benefits as I made Laura breakfast then went to the shop for the morning papers. I think it was the combination of all my recent exhaustion, the pain killers I took yesterday afternoon and the several beers in the evening. Whatever it was, it seemed to work a treat.

I did some work on my marketing plan for Fringe Fantastic during the afternoon, mainly related to the website and an off-shoot from it. I'm trying to put together a suitable design to support the promotion of the book. It's not coming easily.

We had a nice family Sunday dinner with Gail's roast beef and trimmings, followed by my sticky toffee pudding and custard, but by early evening I started to feel really shitty again. The headaches was back, my chest felt stuffy and my eyes hurting.

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