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Friday, November 11, 2005

Getting Stronger

Three weeks today until the launch of Fringe Fantastic: The Poet's Experience of the 2005 Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

I had the day off, or part of it anyway, to take a delivery from people who could only confirm it would be made between 8am and 6pm. Not that I mind having to take time away from the office, but I mean if people can't even give you a period of a couple of hours range when they will be arriving they should really start to employ folk with at least half a brain to their credit.

The delivery is a Cross Trainer; one of those full body workout machines, and we are going to install in the garage. Gail wanted it and I reckon I'll use it too. And why not? I need to trim the beer gut though don't expect me to stop partaking in the odd Chinese or Indian meal when the mood strikes.

While I waited on the delivery I checked my email. My 'How To' article was accepted by Writer-On-Line and will appear in their next issue. Another boost to this months ins and outs.
I complete some editorial work for TSDR; rejecting and accepting some pieces for publication. I also sent in my Bookshelf entries for the main site. It took me ages to decide what books to include, but I got there.

I worked a lot on Stella. I listened to the album three times and took down a lot of notes concerning the lyrics, the plot I want to work out and the mood of the music that it has to go alongside.

Then I used my new white board to work out the filling details of the plot and plan out each chapter according to the songs, making sure the overall plot links together and contains everything I want to include.

There's no way it s going to be a short story; more like a novella, which is fine because I'm not restricting myself on this one. There is no word counts or barriers and other than the songs so it gives me total freedom to create a story based on the feel of the music. If the length of reading time matches the length of the songs that would be a bonus but I'm not sticking to that as a rule. It would ruin the story. It has to come out naturally, so I'm letting the first draft flow and if it goes off at a tangent to where I think it will go then so be it.

I wrote the first two chapters in the evening while listening to the album in the background, and I enjoyed writing solid fiction. All my work on FF has meant I have missed the process, so it's great to be back doing my favourite type of work - long fiction.
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