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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Busy As A Bee With The Blushes

I'm feeling more like my old self again. Being busy helps not only to take my mind off other things but to keep focussed and charged.

I'm conscious that November might run away from me however, if I don't push down a little harder on the pedal. Twenty days to go to meet my targets and make sure I move into the final month of the year without a huge backlog. That way I can plan the flow into 2006 and not see any hardship on my part.

We always go on holiday for the period after Christmas until the start of the New Year and so if I don't get everything in order for going away then it could get pretty unorganised. I'm sure it won't though with just a little forward planning.

After I chased up my article to a Writing website a couple of weeks ago, the editor wrote to me today to explain that they never received any email at the time it was originally sent because of email problems, and would I send it again. I was happy to do so, because it was my first choice for this article and I reckon it has a chance despite my inexperience in the field of writing 'How To' articles.

I've been thinking a lot about Mr. Jackie McCann; what to do with him and where I might take him. Fiction-wise I simply must write this story, Stella and complete A Friend To Die For. These two works are essential for my own peace of mind because they are projects that have grown close to my heart. Even getting the first draft down so I can relax with them will be enough. They are both large pieces of work and so will take a while to complete anyway. But I need to see he mould of clay before I can leave it until the time comes to mould.

As far as Hunting Jack goes then, I think there are changes to be made to the story. I have already started doing this and continued tonight when on continuing my read-through and editing for the serial publication. The main theme of HJ, I feel has never really come through when talking to people. It was never clear enough although the pieces fitted, they were invisible or too far apart.

I'm going to complete this first re-write and then I'm thinking of entering a UK-wide competition to find undiscovered authors. There will be regional entries leading to a nation-wide final, all looking at undiscovered authors and their novels. I figure, why not pitch Hunting Jack. I think it's good enough (well - it will be when I'm done with it).

So there's much to do and with three major pieces of fiction on the go, a poetry chapbook impending and all the articles I'm touting, it certainly is proving to be a busy month.

I was checking the status of FF and downloaded the back cover complete with bar code for the first time. It fits perfectly into the overall design and doesn't detract from the image so I'm delighted.

It can't be long now.
Colin 12:42 pm


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