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Monday, November 21, 2005

Strengthening The Plot

A new week beckons as November moves ever closer towards its end. The next ten days need to be mega-productive, not so much for me to be able to look back on another November to remember, but so that my GDR can be filed off as complete, thereby teeing myself up nicely for December.

This is the time of year I love. Autumn is flirting with winter, nature is vivid and there is a sense that Christmas is just around the corner. I love the mornings with their bitter coldness, waking me and revitalising me as the moon sets at one side of the sky, with the sun rising at the other. And I love the evenings, when the moon sails high on the tail of the Plough and darkness falls, bringing with it mystery, mist and motivation.

There are a couple of things loitering dangerously on my GDR List that I know if I don't put in the work will not only ruin my GDR review at the end of the month, but also impact next month's work I am able to take on.

So with that in mind, I roared into and soon got lost in 23,000 words of Hunting Jack (19 issues) taking me to the half-way point in the story. I need to get this first redraft complete so I can enter the manuscript into the Undiscovered Authors Competition. They aren't looking for fully completed and perfect manuscripts, but they are looking for a level of professionalism, a good story and a good eye for marketing. Hopefully I can show them I have all three.

I'm seeing things in Jackie I never saw before. I think after putting the story down for a while after spending nine solid months with it, has allowed me to approach it with fresh eyes and a renewed vigour. I see things in him that I can and should have used more in the story to move the plot and as I move through the first redraft, these changes are coming into play. When I read it back it makes it stronger and gives it more of a hook to keep on reading.

With that complete (and it took a while), I had to get the website for Fringe Fantastic sorted out and launched. My hosting company has installed new servers recently, so first I had to migrate my accounts and all my code over to them. Then I had to setup the new address and upload the new site. There are still a couple of outstanding matters to do with content, but the site was finally launched late on in the evening.

Click here to view the
Fringe Fantastic Website

Here's a nice picture to finish off with:

Colin 8:28 am


Truly putting aside the work for a matter of months instead of a matter of days before revision makes an enormoous difference.

And your Fringe Fantastic site is amazing!
I admire your boundless enthusiasm and energy. Stunning pic of the moon! WIll check out your site when not cooking....
Green-Eyed Lady aka SilvermOOn

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