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Friday, November 25, 2005

Quick Pint And An Evening's Work

Seven days to go!

It was below zero while walking to work and with the wind-chill it felt like minus twenty. It was no surprise then that by tem in the morning I looked out the window of my work to see huge flakes of snow falling by their millions over Edinburgh. By lunchtime it had stopped, though it meant I had to trudge through the slush and Arctic winds to get to Clark's. A trip though, that was definitely worth making.

Dave and Tom were soon in the pub for a liquid lunch and after a not very exciting afternoon back in the office, I met Tom for another couple in The Cumberland Bar. I hate The Cumberland. It always smells bad, usually of strong bleach and no matter how many staff they have on they always look through you and serve their regulars first. It's unfriendly, unwelcoming, pretentious and the layout of the pub doesn't help either.

I was home for half past six so I could take over from Gail who had another night at the Playhouse planned. with folk from her work. This gave me an opportunity to write for the evening after Laura was down.

It's been a long and hard week. A combination of 6am starts and a lot of work on the marketing campaign for Fringe Fantastic has left me tired but satisfied. The weekend I have planned won't give me much respite but I have so much to do for next week as well as my GDR I can't slow up now.

I have so much on the go, but I'm coping with the extra workloads I'm imposing on myself. It's a case of time management and my schedule (link on the left) is helping to an extent. Where previously I would annoy myself with a lot of work and not get anything done, now I find myself able to fight through the fire and get the work complete. Self-imposed deadlines is a good thing in my book.

When I went to bed I couldn't sleep for a buzzing brain so I flicked on the TV and ended up watching Patch Adams. I'd seen it before but not the whole way through and it took me till 2am. It was a funny and uplifting film, but I just can't help feeling that Robin Williams, who I generally like as an actor, comes over as really smug in his play of the main character.

Tomorrow - Stella and I really need to finish off the leaflets and posters for the promo campaign in the final week leading up to launch of FF. I also think I night add a small image to the hard copy releases of the front cover of the book. I need to hook as many editors and journalists into this as possible and if that means emptying my colour cartridge then so be it.

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