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Friday, November 18, 2005

Slight Dip In Form

Worked on the FF manuscript. The changes needed to the front cover have been made. The odd and even numbered pages now match up; images are now on the same open page as the corresponding poem; a new chapter begins on the right hand side; and the Acknowledgements page has been page moved to the rear. There's now 91 pages so it's going to be a bit thicker as a result.

I did a lot of editing and conversion of Hunting Jack - always a treat to go back and read and I discovered some things I had forgotten about what happened to Jackie along the way. Very pleasing to read how I handled some of the imagery in places, though there were a lot of really basic stupid errors that I picked up, too.

Finished off all news, press agency and student organisation personal letters. Started work on the ones for all the libraries and bookstores. These will be backed up by personal visits but I wanted to make sure they get contact this way first. Courtesy more than anything else.

I took a lot of worksheets home for Laura to work on her Maths. We made some good progress tonight. At one stage I actually saw the penny drop when I explained something differently that I had picked up on an educational website. Suddenly, things seemed to get that little bit easier from there on in. She's not afraid now, and actually wanting more problems to solve.

It's great to be there for her, learning with her and supporting her when she's struggling. The rewards will come when she's roaring ahead and I'll not be able to keep up with her!

I tried to work on Stella but got side-tracked in the evening. It was a mixture of tiredness and too much thinking ahead when I should have just been writing. I resigned myself to defeat and went to bed with my book (another check for errors - how many times can I check?) and my notepad for some ideas I had for Stella. So the night wasn't a total waste.
Colin 11:19 pm


You ARE an excellent teacher. One of your strongest teaching qualities is the ability to explain things clearly and take the fear element out of it.

Too many "teachers" want to make themselves indispensible, so they add the fear into the teaching. You remove it.

It's a wonderful quality.

As one of your students, I know what a difference it's made to me!

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