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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ready For The Big Bad World

Snow cannot be far away, such is the temperature in Edinburgh. It was well below freezing on my way to work and didn't rise much above zero by midday. All the poor wee birdies won't be able to get their wee wormies out the ground!

Good news. Yello have re-issued their first six albums in a deluxe box set. Each CD includes digitally remastered tracks and bonus cuts including dance mixes, b-sides and rarities. It includes Stella, the inspiration for my current fiction WIP. If you've never heard any their stuff, this is as good a place to start as any.

Yello - The Remaster Series

Work was very busy. I'm the only one present in my team; Julz is in Australia on holiday and Ranking Roger is in another building for the week. This means I'm fielding all the phone calls, emails and failure incidents as well as my own project work. It's hectic, to say the least.

For the last few Tuesdays me and Gail have been out, which has meant I've lost almost three hours of writing in the evening. (Not that I'm complaining - our task is essential and enjoyable stuff). We'll be going for another four weeks yet, so all it means isa slight adjustment to my writing schedule. Flexibility, the key as always.

When we got back in tonight we had a quick dinner and I checked my email. The stats on the FF website for the first 24 hours since launch are quite impressive: 150 unique hits!

I uploaded a few changes to the FF site so it is now complete (bar ordering info that is), including the Fringe Fantastic Competition.

I'm giving away FIVE free copies of Fringe Fantastic, signed and with their own special bookmark. All you have to do to enter, is answer one simple question:

In what month of the year is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival take place?

To submit your entry, go here: Enter the Fringe Fantastic Competition

I also completed making the final itty-bitty changes to the FF manuscript. It is now totally, one hundred per cent complete.

I remembered feeling lost a few weeks ago when I thought I could never have it fully to my satisfaction. Putting a deadline on it has taken my mind away from that, because launching the book has taken a lot of time and work, I more or less forgot about my feelings towards the book.

Now, as I prepare to send it to the publishers for the final time, I don't feel sad or scared that I am letting it go out into the wild, I feel pride and joy that I know it is nothing less than my best work. I could not have done a better job in any part of its production. If it flops, it flops but I'm chuffed to bits it got this far.
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