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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hard Work = Sore Back

Nine days to go.

I submitted the final manuscript to the publisher and confirmed everything as complete. Fringe Fantastic is now a runaway train of which not even I can stop it. Not that I would want to, but the last four months have been as much hard work as they have been exciting.

Hopefully the book will be appreciated by some, and fingers crossed that there are no distribution problems. It's the one area I have no control over but it's probably the most important. Judging by the packaging used to send out the proof copy it should be fine. I'm just a tad nervous there are no unhappy customers.

I update the blog and my website with the new links and prepared all the purchase pages plus confirmed the Amazon Marketplace listing, which will take a couple of weeks to appear but hopefully it will generate publicity more than anything else. Amazon take a hefty cut of the royalties to the point that listing with them is only viable from a PR angle. The listing is good for a year so I'll reassess that one after a few months.

Got humped at snooker but my back is aching. I think it's the amount if hours I'm spending in front of the computer both at work and then when I come home. I reckon I'll be needing a wee break once the book is launched, but then there's still so much I want to do a rest just isn't on the cards at the moment. Our annual holiday over Christmas and New Year should do the trick.

I badly need a decent chair to sit at in my home office. The one I have is worn and doesn't support my back in any way at all and I find myself slumping for hours without realising. I have a good chair at work, supplied by Health and Safety because I complained about my old one. I'll need to invest in a good one for home too otherwise I'm going to cripple myself all in the name of this obsession.


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Colin 10:02 am


The book looks phenomenal, Colin! Congratulations!

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